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Belote Online - The Best Way to Play Belote on Your Device

Belote Download Free: How to Play the Most Popular Card Game in France

Belote is a card game that has been thrilling players around the world for more than 100 years. It is the national card game of France, where it is played by millions of people, both casually and in gambling. But what is belote and how can you play it online for free? In this article, we will answer these questions and more. We will explain the history and origin of belote, the rules and variations of the game, the best apps and websites to play belote online, and some tips and tricks to improve your skills and strategy. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, belote is a fun and challenging game that you will love!

What is Belote and Why is it So Popular?

Belote is a trick-taking card game that is played with a 32-card deck, consisting of aces, kings, queens, jacks, 10s, 9s, 8s, and 7s of each suit. The game is usually played by four players in two teams, but there are also versions for two, three, or five players. The objective of the game is to collect as many points as possible with your partner by taking tricks and declaring card combinations. The team that reaches a target score of 501 or 1000 points first wins the game.

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The History and Origin of Belote

Belote originated in France around 1920, and is derived from an older card game called klaberjass, which was popular in Europe. The name belote comes from the French word for a pair of a king and a queen of the same suit, which is one of the possible card combinations in the game. Belote became very popular in France after World War II, when it was adopted by many cafes and clubs as a social activity. Today, belote is still widely played in France and other countries, such as Armenia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Georgia, Greece, Luxembourg, Moldova, North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Saudi Arabia.

The Rules and Variations of Belote

The rules of belote are not very complicated, but they may vary slightly depending on the region or the version of the game. Here are the basic rules of classic belote:

  • The cards are dealt counter-clockwise starting from the dealer's right. Each player receives five cards at first, then three more after the bidding phase.

  • The bidding phase determines which suit will be the trump suit for the round. The trump suit is stronger than any other suit and has a different ranking order: jack (20 points), nine (14 points), ace (11 points), ten (10 points), king (4 points), queen (3 points), eight (0 points), seven (0 points). The player to the dealer's right can either take or pass the face-up card on the deck. If they take it, its suit becomes the trump suit. If they pass it, the next player can either take it or pass it, and so on. If all four players pass on the first round, they can bid again on any suit they want on the second round. If all four players pass again, the cards are redealt.

  • The gameplay phase consists of eight tricks. The player who took the face-up card or made the highest bid leads the first trick by playing any card from their hand. The other players must follow suit if they can. If they cannot follow suit, they can either play a trump card or discard any card. The trick is won by the highest trump card or by the highest card of the suit led if no trump was played. The winner of the trick leads the next trick.

  • The scoring phase counts the points of each team based on the tricks they won and the card combinations they declared. The card combinations are belote (a king and a queen of the trump suit, worth 20 points), tierce (three consecutive cards of the same suit, worth 20 points), quarte (four consecutive cards of the same suit, worth 50 points), quinte (five consecutive cards of the same suit, worth 100 points), and carré (four cards of the same rank, worth 150 points for jacks, 100 points for nines, and 50 points for any other rank). The team that made the bid must score at least as many points as their bid to win the round. If they fail, they are said to be dedans (inside) and lose the amount of their bid. If they score more than their bid, they are said to be dehors (outside) and win the amount of their score. If they score exactly their bid, they are said to be capot (capped) and win a fixed amount of 250 or 500 points. The team that did not make the bid always wins the amount of their score.

There are many variations of belote that add more complexity and excitement to the game. Some of the most popular ones are:

  • Belote coinchée: a version where the bidding is more elaborate and allows for bluffing and counter-bidding. The team that makes the final bid can announce coinche (double) to double the stakes of the round. The other team can then announce surcoinche (redouble) to quadruple the stakes.

  • Belote contrée: a version where the bidding is done in secret by each player using a system of gestures or signals. The highest bidder reveals their bid and chooses the trump suit.

  • Belote avec annonces: a version where the players can declare their card combinations before playing them, which increases their value. For example, a tierce announced is worth 30 points instead of 20.

  • Belote à la découverte: a version where the players play with their cards face up on the table, except for one card that they keep hidden in their hand.

How to Download and Play Belote Online for Free

If you want to play belote online for free, you have plenty of options to choose from. There are many apps and websites that offer belote games with different features and modes. You can play solo against computer opponents, or multiplayer with your friends or other players from around the world. You can also choose between classic belote or any of its variations. Here are some of the best apps and websites to play belote online:

The Best Apps and Websites to Play Belote Online


[VIP Belote]A popular app and website that offers classic belote, coinchée, and contrée games with high-quality graphics and sound effects. You can play with your Facebook friends or join a community of over 200,000 players. You can also chat with other players, participate in tournaments, and win prizes.4.5/5

[]A fun app and website that offers classic belote and coinchée games with colorful graphics and animations. You can play with your friends or with random players from different countries. You can also customize your avatar, collect trophies, and join leagues.4.4/5

[Belote Multiplayer]An exciting app and website that offers classic belote, coinchée, contrée, and avec annonces games with realistic graphics and sounds. You can play with your friends or with millions of players online. You can also chat with other players, join clubs, and compete in tournaments.4.3/5

[Belot Online]A simple app and website that offers classic belote games with basic graphics and interface. You can play with your friends or with other players online. You can also chat with other players and check your statistics.4.1/5

[Belot.BG]A Bulgarian app and website that offers classic belote and bridge-belote games with nice graphics and music. You can play with your friends or with other players online. You can also chat with other players, join tournaments, and win rewards.4.0/5

These are just some of the apps and websites that you can use to play belote online for free. You can find more options by searching on the internet or on your app store. You can also download belote games for your PC or Mac, such as [Bel Atout], [Net.Belote], or [Free Belote].

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The Benefits and Features of Playing Belote Online

Playing belote online has many benefits and features that make it more convenient and enjoyable than playing offline. Her


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