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Bink Set Mix Bins@16 Download !NEW! [WORK]

After running anvi-summarize, you may realize that you are not happy with one or more of your bins. This often is the case when you are working with very large datasets and when you are forced to skip the human guided binning step. The program anvi-refine gives you the ability to make finer adjustments to a bin that may be contaminated.

Bink Set Mix Bins@16 Download [WORK]

Figure S2. Logical workflow of the Bin_refinement modules of metaWRAP. The module takes in three bin sets produced from the same assembly by different software or different parameters of the same software. Binning_refiner is used to create hybridized intermediates (four possible combinations), and the completion and contamination of the original and hybridized bins are estimated with CheckM. The best version of each bin is then found in the resulting seven bin sets. (PNG 123 kb)

Figure S3. Logical workflow of the Reassemble_bins module, which extracts reads belonging to bins in a given bin set and individually reassembles them. This process is done for perfectly mapping reads (strict) and reads mapping with less than three mismatches (permissive). For each bin, CheckM is used to choose the best bin between the original and the two reassembled versions. (PNG 164 kb)


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