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Digital Tutors Account Hack

This was not the case for Gina, a third year UBC student. Her Instagram account was hacked and quickly taken over by a real person twice consecutively in March 2022. She shared how the experience changed her approach to social media.

digital tutors account hack

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I got into my account, but the hacker was [already] in my account at the same time. It was a race to change my information before they could change it back. They actually managed to kick me out again because they had third-party authorization set up, which allowed them into my account despite me changing the recovery email. I had to repeat the entire recovery process again, but eventually I was able to get my account back for good.

The third technique by which a hacker can hijack your email account is by infecting your system with a virus or any other kind of malware. With the help of a virus, a hacker can take all your passwords.

TLDR; My Gmail and Google Apps accounts were hacked recently but I could establish my identity, Google restored access in the next three hours. Here are lessons learned and tips that might prevent your Gmail and other Google Accounts from getting hacked.

Things were now no longer in my control. Someone had successfully managed to change the password of my Gmail account, my Google Account and the most terrifying part was that the hacker also gained control over my Google Apps Account which is linked to and other web domains.

My assumption is that since my Gmail account is was set as the secondary email address of my Google Apps account, he (or she?) somehow hacked into the Gmail account and from there he gained control of my other Google Accounts. This seems probable but I am not sure.

As soon as I discovered that the accounts were hacked, I posted a message on Twitter, contacted a couple of people at Google and filled up some recovery forms in order to verify ownership. I consider myself lucky because several people went out of their way to help me and access to all the accounts was finally restored in the next 3 hours. The nightmare was over.

#6. Once in a while, do refer to that little line in the footer section of your Gmail Inbox that shows the different IP addresses from where your account is being accessed. If you find an unknown IP address, change your Google password immediately. The person who hacked my Gmail accounts configured them with his Hotmail account so he could effectively read all my email communication remotely from his Hotmail inbox without ever logging into my Google account again. I could figure that out only after I saw an IP address from a Microsoft server in my Gmail activity log.

All three subcultures have relations to hardware modifications. In the early days of network hacking, phreaks were building blue boxes and various variants. The programmer subculture of hackers has stories about several hardware hacks in its folklore, such as a mysterious "magic" switch attached to a PDP-10 computer in MIT's AI lab that, when switched off, crashed the computer.[25] The early hobbyist hackers built their home computers themselves from construction kits. However, all these activities have died out during the 1980s when the phone network switched to digitally controlled switchboards, causing network hacking to shift to dialing remote computers with modems when pre-assembled inexpensive home computers were available and when academic institutions started to give individual mass-produced workstation computers to scientists instead of using a central timesharing system. The only kind of widespread hardware modification nowadays is case modding.

Taking your Instagram stories seriously pays off. If you run an Instagram account, whether it's for business or fun, you might want to take advantage of your stories to increase engagement. You can use Instagram's built-in tools to make fun stories, or you can use Pixomatic to create way cooler ones. This TikTok tutorial demonstrates how to make Instagram stories that stand out. Learn more about Instagram stories hacks.

Although it seems like an operation by digital graphic experts, creating a GIF with your photo is very simple and to do so, just follow a few simple steps. To guide you in the creation of the perfect GIF, we got help once again, by now you will know it from our Instagram account, from the beloved Angie Tutorials, who will reveal us step by step all the tricks to create a digital content creators-proof GIF!

When you hear "security breach," what springs to mind? A malevolent hacker sitting in front of screens covered in Matrix-style digital text? Or a basement-dwelling teenager who hasn't seen daylight in three weeks? How about a powerful supercomputer attempting to hack the entire world?

The Cognyte Cyber Threat Intelligence team gathered and analyzed the number of interactions by threat actors regarding digital wallets between 2016-2020. These interactions included questions asked by threat actors, hacking tutorials, wallets mentioned as a payment method, etc., and were particularly applicable to Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay. A variety of sources were analyzed, including Telegram, Twitter, underground hacking forums, and Darknet markets.

Hacker forums are the global digital town square for cybercriminals. There you can find the trade of stolen data, software vulnerabilities, and even hacking tutorials. They also serve as a gateway for criminals, as some threat actors and hackers use them to commit cybercrime.

The site was created and designed for the purpose of sharing information about exploits, zero-day vulnerabilities, malware, and network penetration. The main content that it hosts includes malware exploits, vulnerabilities, carding, access sales, and credential databases. XSS is well known in the cybercriminal scene and features discussions on illicit topics, mostly relating to hacking and financial fraud. The forum has additional sections and threads that are hidden and can only be accessed through paid membership for a premium account. The forum has also been used to recruit new members to malicious groups although recruitments never actually took place directly on the forum.

The content we can find on it includes cracked programs, database dumps, stolen accounts, hacking tools and vulnerabilities, and hacking tutorials, which are posted on a daily basis. It was put in the media spotlight after it was hacked in 2016 and its databases, which included PayPal email addresses, emails of government domains, passwords, purchase records, and invoices, were leaked. Law enforcement took advantage of the breach to track hackers and cybercriminals who were registered on Nulled, but Nulled overcame the attack. Nulled is one of the largest known forums for various types of illicit content, ranging from leaks to pentesting and money-making scams.

Exploit largely focuses on sharing exploits and vulnerabilities of computer systems, for hacking purposes, which is where its name originates from. It also functions as a marketplace where users can buy and sell digital illicit products such as malware, and various hacking and carding services.

It can happen to anyone. A stray click on a link, downloading a seemingly harmless file, or logging in to what you thought was a legitimate site you've used before can compromise your login information and grant hackers access to your Twitter account.

Often, hackers use a compromised account in order to help them compromise other accounts. If I'm following you and I trust you because we've interacted before and you send me a message saying "I don't remember you taking this photo Sam: " I might feel more inclined to assume it's real and click the link than if it came from a random, more obvious spam account.

Unless you're consistently checking your profile and outgoing Direct Messages for tweets that don't look familiar, odds are you'll hear about being hacked by the people that follow you. If you have a good relationship with your followers, you can hope that some of them let you know when you've been hacked. Several of my colleagues here at HubSpot have been hacked in the past, and when I receive a direct message from them I email or respond to them letting them know I think their account has been compromised.

Odds are, if your Twitter account gets hacked, it's your fault more so than Twitter's. It's highly unlikely that anyone is going to compromise their security and be able to just read everyone's passwords from a database table or gain access to accounts through a back door somewhere. Again, while we tend to think of hackers as using sophisticated "brute-force" programs that try millions of character permutations looking for the right password, many hackers are able to compromise accounts by simply guessing common passwords.

Public access to the internet is an awesome advantage in closing the digital divide. However, the very fact that anyone can access the computers at your local library or Kinko's makes it less secure. Pieces of software known as "key loggers" can be installed that track every keystroke and its context, and can make it so that typing your password into the computer is recorded and available for use by the hacker.

Your home or work Wi-Fi is probably safe to use, as long as you use the basic encryption that comes with most Wi-Fi systems. It's unlikely people will hack in to your private Wi-Fi account (unless, like we discussed before, you use a weak password). However, once someone is already connected to the same Wi-Fi network as you, it becomes much easier to access the packets of data moving through it. Never, for example, log in to your bank or other personal account on an airport's Wi-Fi network.

Third-party apps have been one of the driving forces behind Twitter's massive success and growth. Twitter's user interface rarely has all of the features that you need, and third-party software helps you do things like sort your Twitter feed into smaller feeds based on who matters most. However, building an app that uses the Twitter API isn't hard -- and hackers could use it to access your account if you let them.


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