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Where Can I Buy Patches For Jackets has a wide variety of custom hockey patches for your varsity jacket. We use only the highest quality materials and equipment and have been producing patches for more than 30 years. Order your hockey patches for your letterman jacket today!

where can i buy patches for jackets


Once you start ordering a hockey patch for your letterman jacket you will see a graphic displayed showing the different options of colors that you can select. Most patches will have several color options that you will need to select and as you make your selections the graphic will update to show you how your patch will look. Try to not leave the page until you have completed all of your option selections. If you do leave you will have to start over if you come back.

As soon as you have the chenille patch just the way you want it then you will be ready to select the quantity of patches that you want and hit the order button. This will add the patch to your cart and then you can keep shopping to add other items to your order.

Each chenille hockey patch will have a measurement on the graphic showing how big that particular letterman jacket patch is. This will help you determine where you want to place the award on your varsity letterman.

ATTENTION: We will be closed on Sunday April 9, 2023.Schedule your Sunday appointments by contacting us at: Please arrive at least one hour prior to closing when placing a new order or adding to an existing order. Thank you

Our company is committed to manufacturing on site, one-of-a-kind letterman's jackets. Each school jacket is personally customized according to sizing preferences and design. Our sports jackets are constructed with 80% virgin wool, 20% nylon for added durability, and 100% genuine cowhide leather. In addition, we cover all inside embroidery stitches with black nylon lining and provide one inside pocket for extra storage.

JL Custom Jackets is the only licensed manufacturer of all CIF Southern Section Champions patches. Your options include ordering the standardized CIF patch for your sport or adding your personal touch by altering the patch on the CIF patch site. Whether you fax, e-mail your order or build your CIF patch online, superior quality is our top priority. Click here to get started.

Harvard was the first to start the tradition to instill school pride and encourage development within baseball. Football would soon follow, and the letterman jacket was born. What began as a simple woolen sweater would quickly evolve into distinctive woolen jackets with leather sleeves.

Back Patches Large back patches may come with a mascot or a particular position, such as being a cheerleading squad member or in the marching band. Large letter jacket patches on the back are distinct to each school, and the student body wears them with pride on campus.

We are proud to offer pilot jacket patches that truly personalize the look of your warm flight jacket. Our leather flight jacket patches elevate the look of any authentic bomber jacket. Each patch tells a story of its own, making your jacket a unique piece of your wardrobe.

We have three types of flight jacket patches: 1. Embossed leather patches (mostly current units and corporate logos) 2. Hand painted on leather patches (in accordance with WWII style patches) 3. Embroidery flight jacket patches (assorted).

Perfect your patch game with Hot Topics Patch Collection, a positively awesome selection of must-have patches that are made to live on the stuff you love (and make them, like, a gazillion times better). This patch collection is a carefully curated selection of embroidered patches that are sure to take your bags, clothes, and accessories from boring and blah to bright and beautiful.

When it comes to placing letterman jacket patches, there may not be an official spot for every patch, but there is an art to arranging them well. Placing your letterman patches haphazardly as you earn them will result in a jumble of numbers, letters, and symbols.

This is the front section of your letterman jacket that covers your right side. Traditionally, your name or nickname will be embroidered across from the second snap on the jacket front. Under your name is where you can place an academic letter.

Just under your right shoulder is where you will place your graduation year patch. As you earn small high school letterman jacket patches for activities, academics, or commemoration, you can arrange them on this sleeve (or the left if you run out of room).

Sports patches for letterman jackets typically go on the left sleeve. Your jersey number will go on your right sleeve at the same height as the graduation year on your left. If you receive chevron bars they will stack neatly under your jersey number on the right sleeve.

The back of your jacket is reserved for large letterman jacket patches that display your school mascot and team name. You may have activity patches that are too large for your sleeves, and the lower section of your letterman jacket is the place to arrange them.

We are a family-owned business that offers a variety of customized patches, pins, medals, plaques, and banners, all made in America. We also provide quotes and are happy to answer questions about orders for custom group academic patches and awards. Contact us today!

Our collection of UIL Award Patches includes a variety of high quality, embroidered patches recognizing a range of UIL achievements. These are perfect to commemorate participation in University Interscholastic League Competitions and will look great sewn on your letterman's jacket or used in a memory shadow box.

Made with 100% vegan leather, these cruelty-free patches offer a classic, rugged look. With multiple colors available aside from the usual black and brown, faux leather patches add a unique touch to hats, bags, and other apparel.

Woven PatchesWoven Patches are perfect giveaways at events. If you are organizing an event, you can have all the volunteers wearing the patches on their uniforms to add a unique touch. They also work well as creative accessories for clothing, denims, caps and bags.

Duct TapeFor field repairs, where you just need to patch a hole quickly, the classic solution is simply to stick some tape over the rip or tear. Duct tape or gaffer tape generally works well, as it sticks to most fabrics, and is an item that most climbers and hikers carry in case of emergency.

A third option is to purchase a pack of nylon repair patches. These are made by a number of companies including McNett Gear Aid, Kleiber, Down Jacket Repair, Prym and Dritz. They are available in a variety of colours. Most are self-adhesive, eliminating the need to glue or heat-seal the patch.

@Erikka Oh, good question! Patches can be complicated on knits. I think as long as the sweater is tightly knit and has enough weight, the patches should hold up fine. I would just be cautious about going overboard as to not weigh it down. Good luck!!

Custom patches for letterman jackets are an all-time favorite. Something every high school student wishes to wear as a reward. Being a valid custom patch provider, we create wholesale customized embroidery letters for denim, jean, and leather jackets.

From school monograms to apparel design, we create custom patches in regular and chenille embroidery. Buy Pvc, leather, and woven for event and academic use. Get free advice from the most trusted source online.

At, we're more than just a patch supplier - we're your partnerin patch perfection! We understand that quality and affordability are key when itcomes to custom patches. That's why we aim to provide the highest quality custompatches at unbeatable wholesale prices, paired with outstanding customer service.Our wide range of options will suit any need, whether it's for your military unit,business, team, club, or other organization.

Personalization is at the heart of what we do. That's why we offer a wide variety ofstyles, sizes, colors, and backings to ensure that your patches match your needs.Our patches are not just for fashion and accessories but also for decoratinguniforms and adding a professional and personal touch. They are versatile and can beused for various purposes, such as for clothing, bags, and other accessories,identifying members in an organization or promoting a brand, design, or cause.

We don't just focus on the patch; we focus on the process. From the moment you placeyour order until the day your patches arrive at your door, our team will be there tomake sure that everything runs smoothly. And if you ever have any questions orconcerns, just reach out to our customer service team - they're always happy tohelp!

So, what are you waiting for? Unleash your creativity and let's create some amazingpatches together. With our fast turnaround times, excellent customer service, andaffordable prices, ordering wholesale patches has never been easier! 041b061a72


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