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Mining Simulator 2 OP Auto Farm Script

The development of technology in this digital era has made people smarter so that they can find weaknesses in information technology. There are several studies that use weaknesses in open USB ports to inject attacks on remote exploits. The author conducts research on controlling a target computer or laptop using remote exploits by utilizing a gap in a computer system, the USB port. Exploitation of remote attacks is done by utilizing a gap in the open USB port. Test automated scripts that are integrated on the Arduino board to be integrated into an open USB port. The script tries to download the backdoor file that was created on the metasploit work task and runs automatically on the target. The impact maker remote exploits the attack gets access control of the target computer or laptop from the operating system Windows, Linux and Mac OS with the help of port forwarding. The most dangerous effects are those that can be done in the background which cannot be seen on the screen for the target computer or storing important data in the target file or directory.

Mining Simulator 2 OP Auto Farm Script



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